Live at 2:00 PM Eastern Time in the United States

Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Message from the Chairman of the Board to our graduates:

Today marks a significant milestone as we gather to celebrate the remarkable journey of the graduating class from Atlantic International University. It is with immense pride and joy that we witness the culmination of your hard work, dedication, and growth throughout your academic tenure.

Different Majors

At AIU we believe students enroll with the mindset of completing their academic program and manifesting their dreams which have been ready to materialize given the needed attention and direction that is possible in Phase 1 & 2 of the AIU program. We firmly believe that all of our graduates reach their maximum potential and are ready to contribute to their family circle, community, and the world.

This is just the beginning!

Remember that even if you completed your program we never stop learning. Either you are starting another program or you want to become an active AIU ambassador through the Alumni Association and take our mission to more people, download the graduation book with the names of all our graduates.

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How can you participate in the NEXT Virtual Graduation?

These are the most common questions student ask.

Every student can participate in the Virtual Graduation?

Yes, as long as the student has completed the required CREDITS to move in their academic program are entitled to participate in the virtual graduation.**

Do I have to clear all balances to participate?

Although Virtual Graduation is not a mandatory event, all the students planning to participate should have all their credits and fees up to date.

Does AIU sell Cap & Gowns?

Usually AIU provides you with that option, this year is particularly different for the different restrictions worldwide, we are unable to send the cap and gown. We suggest you to rent, buy or ask for one just to take the picture.

Is the Virtual Graduation mandatory?

No, the Virtual Graduation is not a mandatory event, students registered are invited to comply with the requirements, however if the student does not want to participate, their graduation process continues as expected.

Is there any other requirements?

Yes, there are some documents that we need all the students to provide in order to participate, we are asking for four pictures: Formal, Cap & Gown, Life, Family and one video testimonial

Is this Virtual Graduation replacing the other graduation?

No, we are really looking forward to see all of you again. This may be considered an option for our students.