Conferences Oct 2020

Take the pledge!

You did it! You are an AIU Alumni, but the work does not finish here, your commitment with your community and the world goes beyond your Diploma, join your fellow alumni into the conference to take the pledge and commit to become an ambassador of AIU and education through the Human Rights.

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez (Chief Financial Officer)

With his knowledge of economics, IT and marketing, he is an important key to the success of AIU, because he brings many perspectives into any situation. Besides managing and maintaining the e-platform and being in charge of web hosting, Ricardo also supports the students, and staff with an enthusiastic energy, that is an example of what AIU stands for.

AIU's students pledge Group "A"

AIU's students pledge Group "B"

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez (Provost)

One of the main objectives for Dr. Gonzalez is to continue to contribute to the sustained development of evolution. He, has developed insight in several aspects of life and the sciences, enough, to contribute largely to the success of this institution, where as President of the Board, he has set high standards, and given the institution, international recognition, that is favorable for the students that graduate from AIU.

Promesa de estudiantes de AIU grupo "A"

Promesa de estudiantes de AIU grupo "B"