Betty Baaba Doku

Betty Baaba Doku

Bachelor of Science


  • I am proud of comes from my first kindergarten teaching experience. I started my job and was given a kindergarten class; which was intimidating as I had no experience teaching at that level. I stood steadfast and performed very well: whilst even receiving an excellent appraisal at the end of the of the school year.
  • Another accomplishment I am proud of comes from the praise I receive from parents. Their approval and commendation highlights my positive impact on my students
  • My students gain new abilities and skills and that’s a great accomplishment for me as a teacher.


  • My goal for the future consists of pursing a master’s degree in early childhood education in the hope to broaden and expand my knowledge
  • With the knowledge, I have acquired from my degree; I plan to set up an early childhood school which will have a blended mix of holistic childcare and nutrition.
  • My final goal comprises of being able to educate and feed underprivileged children for free

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