Rokhaya Ndoye

Rokhaya Ndoye

Post-Doctorate of Science


  • I put my family at the center of my life, and I brought support to relatives and friends through challenges and successes
  • I have been training for the last 15 years thousands of practitioners from diverse fields (health and social workers, psychologists, lawyers, police officers, etc…) to evaluate psychosocial impacts of adverse situations and provide needed support
  • I was blessed to be an inspiration to younger generation through civilian activities, life skills coaching, business mentoring and leadership training


  • I wish to support the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of my family and loved ones, and also the most vulnerable people in Afri
  • I want to be an NGO / UN country Resident that brings significant changes in people’s life, respects their dignity and promotes their coping mechanisms
  • I aspire to be a university professor that implements “learning by doing” approach for students.

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